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What is a minimum order?

A minimum order for soap is 12 bars. If the batch yields more, you are welcome to buy the whole batch. 
To place an order simply email us, reach out through social media, or contact us through the website. 
If you know what you want, please include specifics when you reach out.
If you're looking for guidance, we are happy to assist in making the right choices to suit your needs!
Payment of half down is required to start your custom order. Upon completion, the second half plus shipping will be due. Once final payment is receieved,  your order will ship.


Soap requires 4-12 weeks to properly cure. Most soaps are ready around the 4 week mark. 
Please note - if we need to order your specific scent, that shipping time must be considered in the total time for your order. If we have a fragrance on hand that suits you, we'll get started on your order right away!
Need soap now? We usually have a variety of soaps in stock. A custom label can be created, and a variety of soaps can be put together for you. We can make it happen!


We love our post office! Most of our orders ship USPS Priority mail, occasionally we use UPS. Either way you'll receive your tracking number to make sure you're in the know. Shipping costs average $8-$13 depending on where you are in the country and how much your order weighs. We choose economical shipping prices for you through PirateShip.

We do no offer free shipping, no matter how many times we ask at the post office, they will not ship for free.

Payment Options

We currently accept payment through Zelle, Venmo, Check or we are happy to email an invoice directly to you so you can pay with a card.
Once payment for your order is received  your order will ship. 
Half down is required to start a custom order. The second half plus shipping is due upon completion of your order, once that payment is received your order will ship.

Why custom soap?

Little Cabin Soaps uses cold process and hot process soap making methods. We do not use lab colors, neons, preservatives, suflates or parabens.
Inclusion of unique ingredients creates splendid bars of soap. Whether silky smooth on the skin or rough and scrubby, we can create what yours for you. Some fun additives include:
~Beer, makes incredibly creamy lather.
~Botanicals such as gentle calendula to sooth or dry mint for gentle exfoliation.
~Exfoliants including walnut shells, pumice and botanical pieces such as tea.
~Milks, all types, are hydrating, gentle and nourishing to skin
~You dream it, we can try to find a way to include it!

Branding and custom labels

We are more than happy to create custom labels with your logo, your event details or an image. 

If you're looking for custom shapes or paper, we will refer you to a custom label making small business who can create shapes, colors, textures and designs just for you. Please allow extra time to work with a third party.

Our labels are kraft brown wood grain design paper. If you're seeking labels beyond that color spectrum we will refer you out, or ask that you work with the label maker of your choice. 

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