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A Walk To The Mailbox

Never let me forget this the sun was setting and the Golden Hour came upon our neighborhood. Brent asked Notchka if she wanted to go to the mailbox...I of course said "what about the rest of us? We want to go" and started leashing up the other two dogs. Yep in my jammies already (always in jammies before dinner time) I put on a light jacket, got out of slippers and into walking shoes and off we went, as a family, to the mailbox.

I let Clyde go without his shoes, he now drags two of his feet (as did Fella and Jetzskis) and wears shoes on his walks. Fella was the first to need shoes...after Fella passed Jetzskis needed them for the very same reason. Turns out they had the same sized paws...Jetzskis passed in August and now Clyde wears those very shoes that have passed down the pack.

We start out into the golden sunlight that's beginning to fade. Clyde has SO much pep to his step tonight, it's amazing. He's been slowing down a lot since Jetzskis died...they were absolute soulmates. Our walks have been slow and shorter as the weeks go on but tonight he's got his ya-da-da-dah-dah-da-DAH in his walk. We trot. We get to the mailbox and Brent doesn't have the key. A couple is waving at Clyde in their car and he's looking at them with a sly smile on his face, they are enamored with him. We walk home to get the key.

Clyde has so much pep in his step, he trots. We begin to run, I'm in my pajamas however and the bottoms are loose, they begin to fall. I'm holding two leashes and one pajama bottom and trying to run. I'm laughing and it's got to be the funniest thing Brent has ever seen. We get home, all panting. All smiling. We get the real mailbox key, the dogs are thrilled, we are coming in the house and turning right back around to go out again. It's golden outside.

We ya-da-da-dah-dah-da-DAH down to the mailbox at full speed. Clyde is having such a good time. We get there, panting still. Retrieve the mail and turn around to come home. Clyde and Bailey want to RUN home. I'm trying to hold my pants up and it's not working well. I take their leashes off, no one is around, we are on a very quiet street. They both hit the throttle and erupt into full sprints. So do I, well I try. I am laughing so hard and panting (because let's be real, I don't run anymore) and AWAY they go to the house. I watch my dogs, my two dogs who I've had more than a decade of my life, through thick and thin, run free in the deep golden evening toward the house. Notchka comes in behind me and takes the lead (she's the youngest and by far the fastest dog I've ever seen). I'm laughing so hard I can barely get a breath.

We arrive at the house, thank goodness everyone could still hit the brakes. Brent has been left in the dust, so? We turn around and run to him. He throws his arms in the air and laughs as the dogs surround him, smiles on their faces and energy flowing in the fading sunlight. They turn to me and break into a run coming back, smiling and going all directions (Bailey is weeble wobbly but having the best damn time) but making it to me and the driveway. I laugh, this is the best moment I've had with just the three of them. I realize this as it's happening. This moment is THE best moment I've had since Jetzskis and Fella died. I grin. We come in the house, everyone laughing and panting and wild with glee. I had FUN going to the mailbox. My family had an unexpected moment of joy, utter laughter and letting go. It was.... SPECTACULAR.

Maybe you know me, maybe you're just meeting me for the first time. I was a family of five dogs for many many years, then a family of six dogs for many years. The first five came to me around the same time, at similar ages. And that means I am losing them close together. You can read about Fella, and about Jetzskis in previous blogs. Writing helped me get through losing them....sharing that with you helped my soul. Monroe left this earth in 2017, and my best selling soap is named after her.

We are now just a family of three...these three smiling faces. Clyde on the left, Notchka in the center and Bailey on the right. Yes, they are my world. Yes my heart belongs to them. Yes I will do anything for them. To the moon and back.

Never let me forget this, so many things seem to fade away from my memory. Never let me forget a walk to the mailbox. And? Tonight, when the sun starts t set, walk to your mailbox. Your heart with thank you.

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