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All things autumn...

As summer comes to its final weeks there are two spectacular collections on the site. I've been inspired by adding things to soap this year - (you know I've been on a banana kick lately). The Farmer's Market Collection closes out the last days of summer.... soaps made with fresh tomato, watermelon and cucumber beer. The County Fair Collection will see us right into autumn with soaps that remind me of days we couldn't wait to go to the fair. Kettle Corn, Strawberry Jam and Blue Cotton Candy soaps remind me of the fun I had at our state fair...oh the funnel cake! How I adored seeing the quilts, crosstich and competitions! These collections are extra special to me for some reason....I really poured my spirit into these. The Vine Ripened Tomato is unbelievable (current favorite of the soap maker) and I'll be sad to see it go.

I've always been a winter and Christmas lover....until we moved back into four seasons. I forgot what a real autumn is like - the crisp mornings and shorter evenings. The nip in the air and change of real leaves on real trees...we live in a town with a large variety of decidious trees. Last year we were treated to an array of color from yellows, golds and rusts to maroons, deep browns and reds. My heart sang as the season rolled in and I remembered what a true autumn felt like.

While I still adore winter and all the magic Christmas holds for me - WOW do I love autumn. So much that I might love it now more than winter! So this year I've gone all out for autumn soaps, the hay bale is out for photos, the warm spicy and sweet scents are curing. Fall designs, inspired limited edition batches, oranges, rusts, browns and earth tones fill the curing room. My heart has be singing orange orange orange and warm spices.

Soap is a 4-12 week cure, minimum, thus I've been working on autumn for weeks and weeks. With the cold summer storms it felt right to be creating these special batches, I drank hot tea as I worked and listened to the rain patter down. Autumn soaps are nearly cured, so the hay bales, pumpkins and decor are out for photos.

I have to be in the mood to do can easily see through the camera if I was inspired and feeling it or if it was just something to get done and check off a list. I like to wait for the former- I prefer to be inspired and connected with each photo as I adjust light and make sure colors work. Yes it feels early now... as the monsoons have gone away, the rains have stopped and the heat has come back. But my heart? My heart eagerly awaits the season change, that first morning when you KNOW autumn has arrived.

This year I've collaborated with several folks to create some special sets too, yes I do collabs all year long. But this year with autumn calling to me, I've decided to go all out in hopes that people will dig it and support. We've got autumn box sets coming, gift baskets as always - filled with locally made autumn things, in autumn baskets. Of course you'll find all the things you've grown to love, mugs and ceramics, honey and candles...but this year there will be seasonal littles. Stay tuned.

All seasonal soaps this year are limited edition, since I have no idea how "normal" busy season will be. The year has been the hardest, saddest and slowest I've had in over ten years. Yet I hold out hope for a kick ass high season. If you'd like to know when things come out (and jump on the waiting list) please sign up for emails. You won't hear from me often, but when you do it'll be good. Holds are a first come first serve basis, easy peasy--- contact us providing your list of holds, email and shipping address. We will email you when they're cured, pack them, email an invoice and off they'll go to your mailbox!

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming for this spectacular and delightful season.

Autumn Woods Orange Nutmeg Orange Clove Smoked Spice

Rosemary Orange Aspens in Autumn Mulled Cider (smooth and rough versions)

And more.......................

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