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Aspens in Flagstaff

Wow did these get rave reviews..........I had SUCH fear doing something new, but no time like the present since I've got the time, right? This technique is called embedding, the pieces are embeds. Most folks buy premade pieces but not this soap maker- I belive in from scratch not from a box.

These batches are meant to resemble the aspens in spring/summer and autumn in our town, the mountain is know for acres of these trees and their seasonal beauty. Both are currently curing---as soon as they're ready we'll send out an email letting you know. If you'd like to pre-order please let us know and we'll put you on the list so you're sure to receive as many bars as you'd like.

The green batch is lime lavender, big big citrus with a floral hint. The gold batch is unscented - however it's made with lanolin so a hint of that natural scent peeks through. More of these will be made this week and you can join me in the process on Instagram. Dipping my toes into Instagram Lives and it's been fun...feeling connected that way really helps.

Stay tuned for more embeds- these got such rave reviews and interest that more will be made, and seasonal embeds will be coming.

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