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Back to the grind...kinda.

Surgery is over....healing and recovery time is here! All the digits work on the old hand so filling orders and shipping can resume. My apprentice is booked for the next two weeks and cranking out beer soap will be happening. How I miss working....some days I just went and sat in the soap room- to just be with soap. Is that crazy?

Meanwhile we work together today to crank out some lime and earthy soap for 8-Bit Aleworks, looks like we will be at their anniversary with a booth so have to get more inventory curing!

Huge thanks for your patience through this and I hope you shopped with the local spots who carry Little Cabin Soaps. Supporting local is HUGE for me, collaborations and working together make the world go round. Joining forces and joining hands- shopping small makes a real person do the happy dance.

Stay tuned for candle & soap sets coming- over the years so many have asked if I do candles. Pink Honey Candles is an amazing small business, woman owned, who has been off the charts fantastic to work with coming up with sets that go together.

We will start small and see what y'all think- if you love them we will increase inventory!

Another idea I've been kicking around while sitting in a chair elevating, icing, elevating, icing and repeat repeatedly---- a spa type set. Maybe it includes a candle, soaps and a milk bath or bath salt? Thoughts? I've found a great body product company (again woman owned, woman of color ---- and oh yeah she happens to be the mayor) who I'd love love love to include on collaborating. I love to see women band together like this and if you feel the same--- tell me what you think. Would you order a set that included those things?

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