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Banding Together...

Some of you have known me for years, some of you are just getting to know me but we've got something in the works for 2021. It's beginning now and will be full swing for the upcoming year.

As you know I poured myself into the Red Front Door shows at our home. Yes I painted my front door red so we named the show after that....we did them for 4 years and eventually outgrew the house. 20+ vendors would come set up, we'd turn the house upside down and ROCK OUT A SHOW.... eventually we needed to open a shop but that wasn't in the cards for us.

I'm a little late to the game....I should have thought of online when we retired the show, but it's better late than never. So... came to my brain a few weeks ago, yes I wish I'd have thought of it in June and could have launched it for this holiday season. However we'll be sending out info via all participating vendors THIS holiday season to officially launch in 2021.

It'll be a one stop online shop where you can find small business handmade items. Run by REAL people, not entities, featuring items made by REAL people for REAL life. You know my passion for handmade, my goal with this is to make it easy for you to find USA made small businesses, handmade artisan things all in one place.

I currently partner with lots of these folks, the collaborations feature their work and this is what you'll find at Red Front Door Store. It's hard to find handmade and small businesses when us littles are swallowed up on google by the giant entities. I've got three passions in life. Dogs, soap and handmade. When we join together, hold hands and work to lift each other up--- it works. I saw what we could do back home in our house.

HUGE THANKS to you guys! Everyone is loving the collabs, the bowls and baskets, candles, body products, ceramics. These folks are my tribe, some are original RFD vendors, now lifelong friends. Some are new vendors, thus new friends. The one thing we all share is passion for whatever it is we create, and we'll work hard to make this coming website excellent, with items you need, desire and will treasure for a lifetime. Being online opens me up to working with people from back home, folks who busted ass with me for the RFD shows and helped set up, break down, clean up and push push push to grow and get the word out. We can once again work from miles apart. But this venture also opens me up to working with new vendors, to seek vendors from across our country and in my own town. Every maker is local to their spot, and we'd love to bring them to YOU to shop with. Lofty goals? Maybe..... it may not work I said, and I'm scared to try... but someone said what if it DOES work? And hence....I push foward. It's in process, being incorporated and we'll have some teasers coming. Once it's rolling (aka website is made) I'll start posting on the social media pages. With a small miracle it might be up by Dec 1st. Meanwhile I'll continue to push my collaborations HARD for this season. When you buy the collaborations you are supporting multiple small businesses with one purchase. My favorite thing to do is text a vendor to tell them they made a sale.

Thank you all who have supported us over the years. I never thought an online shop would happen....but the collabs are doing so well we need to have a seprate space for it. Right now the website redirects to Little Cabin Soaps but as soon as the ducks are in a row we will roll on the site.

What will you find at this online store? Ceramics. Soap. Jams. Honey. Body products. Candles. Wovens. Textiles. Tea. Lots of things we carry now but MORE of them. More variety. And more items- things we don't have room for now there will be room for! Greeting cards. Dog treats. Wooden things. Trendy things. Timeless things. The more we grow the more we can add on....we want to make it easy for you to find what you want in one place, without having to sift through seas of pages. We'll focus on real makers. Real products. For everyday real life. Run by real people.

I freaking love you all........let's hope this flies. Onward!!

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