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Blogging isn't easy for me- I love writing letters via snail mail but am not an email person, so blogging isn't something I remeber to folks really enjoy hearing about soap? I actually hope so because I adore making it.

Production has slowed greatly here at Little Cabin Soaps.....what a terrible feeling that has been to endure. I'm used to soaping most days of the week, it is my full time job. To have that POOF gone....has been difficult to internalize. Selfishly I hoped this might be our time to shine- everyone kept saying oh there is a shortage of soap shortage of soap! But all the forums and groups say otherwise- all of us soap makers are listening to the crickets right alongside restaurants, breweries and all the small businesses forced into closure. Folks are hoarding Ivory and Irish Spring....the cheap stuff in bulk. We hope folks remember their local mom and pop favorites- and shop with them. We are all fearful---will we make it through this to be able to open the doors again? I hope so. I hope so. My heart breaks for small businesses everywhere right now.

Right before this all went down we kicked into high gear for beer soap- spring and summer are the busy times for breweries. The curing room is loaded with things curing, good timing to just sit and patiently wait for the soap to do its thing.

This one has just cured- it's been such fun to watch it change. Vanilla discoloration is a "thing" among soap makers. This bar began as an ivory and blue beer's now a lovely tan and blue bar. Vanilla content discolors to shades of brown, always making it an adventure to use. Love this way this turned out...kind of soft looking and mellow. It's lightly scented with notes of sweet tobacco, earth and warm spice with a hint of vanilla. Meet "Dragos" - lovingly named after Kim who has been my apprentice and sidekick since surgery, helping me keep soaping while one handed. She created these beautiful blue swirls,nailed it on her first try and has created many batches alongside me over the past weeks. Now that we are hunkered down our creating together has ceased.

My hand is healed so yesterday I did a few small batches to get my feet wet again, they turned out great and were a beast to cut but I got it done. Stay tuned for a batch made with The Source coming soon....and some custom work for Lone Star Olive Ranch.

Meanwhile PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shop with the places who carry the Little Cabin line- they need you now more than ever. Some have soap on their sites, all will gladly add it to any take out order if you just ask!

8-Bit Aleworks

Scale & Feather Meadery

The Shop Beer Co.

Historic Brewing Co.

Grand Canyon Winery

Arts Connection

Hang in there folks, every day is one day closer to the flip side of this. And thanks for listening to me ramble.

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