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Feeling the heat we are another week down, another weekend that doesn't feel like the weekend approaches. All I can say is that if you want to see your favorite places around when this is all over--- get out and support them. Do pick up, order online, get curbside. They are left with no other options. We know many fellow small businesses - the owners are dear friends- and we are all saying the same thing. Will we be able to weather this storm? Some are brand new in their first year, some have been around a while..... all are worried as sales continue to plummet. With no sign of normal returning soon....please get out and support.

The following spots are still open---please have them add a few bars of soap to your order. Scale & Feather Meadery (Avondale, AZ)

8-Bit Aleworks (Avondale, AZ)

The Shop Beer Co (Tempe, AZ)

Historic Brewing Co (Flagstaff, AZ)

And of course you can order here online directly from Little Cabin Soaps. As the work queue grinds to a halt - um yeah I'm freaked out. From printers to breweries, meaderies to boutiques we are all freaking out. Calm face on for social media, but underneath it all we are real people trying to feed our families and create our products. Brave face on, but worry in our hearts. Place an order with your favorite spot for dinner, grab those locally roasted coffee beans, support your local spots. They need you now more than ever and they WILL remember you did this when it was most needed.

We've got tons of soap in stock for you, we've also got collaborative sets so you can support several local mom & pops with one purchase. Contact us directly to build your own set- we're getting more inventory today! Honey, jam, bath products, candles, mugs and soap dishes...and a few more ceramic pieces. We work with these folks all year and now are offering more sets than usual. We are SO happy to put anything you desire together, porch pick up and delivery are available in Flagstaff AZ and nationwide shipping is availble!

We feature:

Pink Honey Candles

West End Pottery

Sun Tan Honey Farm

Farm Girl Cannery

The Perfect Man Club

Destiney's Creations

Thanks everyone- get out there and support. You'll make a difference more than ever---we love an appreciate all of you. Oh and the title---Feeling the heat. Haha that did have a purpose. This week hot soap is in the queue, working with a product called The Source (google that when you're bored) to see if we can pull heat through in soap. So far all tests including 20 ghost peppers have failed. Capsaicin doesn't survive saponification- this is the last try. Will keep you posted!!!

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