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Home IS where the heart is...

Thank you everyone for your patience through this.... and now an update on things...on life ... on soap.

We are OPEN FOR you to shop again, the website has so many new soaps including Lavender & Lace, Labyrinth, Cool As A Cucumber, Narcissus, Land of Enchantment, Stroke of Luck, In the Limelight, Teakwood Mahogany, Bed of Roses, and so many new unscented batches. New soap stones are IN stock too, I've been on a rock making kick and we've got Desert Rose, Peaches N Cream, Mountain Flowers, Plumeria Lilac and more coming.... so if you're in the mood for spring/summer, it's here! We now shift into the bright and vibrant scents. While we always have the earthy and heavier scents available, it is indeed a joy to be inspired by flowers in bloom, sunshine and the foliage and life of spring and summer.

YES we are keeping our pop up at the end of this month, please check out "events" on our Facebook page for time and location. An excellent chance for you to shop in person! We stock the tables with soap of course, but we will have tables full of items from Red Front Door Store too!

Let's talk lilac---so many requests for lilac. It's nearly cured and several versions exist. It will be loaded on the website as soon as it's cured (we may even send out an email). You'll find it in two versions of stones, Plumeria Lilac and Mountain Flowers. Straight up lilac is on the racks now, and it's included in two more batches - Citrus Lilac and a Cotton Candy Lilac. If you'd like to pre-order your lilac, please contact us! Once it's cured we'll be blasting it all over social media.

And LAST BUT NOT least, our Bailey--- the reason we closed immediately and took time out for family first. Our Bailey has been diagnosed with Vestibular Syndrome. It came on suddenly (presented like a seizure on Easter morning) and appears to be idiopathic (not caused by a brain tumor as it can often be, rather it just happened for no reason as an appendix can burst in humans, same idea). She continues to improve daily and may or may not return to her complete "normal" self. However she is pottying and eating on her own (we got super close as I held her steady to potty for days...) and she is trying to fetch. She is now able to walk on her own, she is able to do pack walks beyond the mailbox. Her head may always tilt right, we have a good chance of this happening on her other side. We are bracing ourselves for that. But for now, we are on the path to recovery. She isn't her former capable self but she is happy, with good quality of life. As we wean off the medications we will know if it's idiopathic, if she declines when meds stop (not good)....or if she continues to improve on her own (excellent). She is back to contstant go go go that is her personality. She is hitting her bowl when it's eating time, not using walls to navigate the house and she's barking again (maybe yay? hahaha) - and trying to fetch all the time. I say trying, we are not sure if she will be able to do that again. And so we wait...

So far this has been a miracle, I've prayed and prayed and prayed for God to spare her. She's been through a lot in her life and He seems to have given us a miracle. I have no words. Losing Fella still feels raw and losing another one so quickly....I feel I have been spared that for now.

THANK YOU for your contstant support, checking in on us and prayers for us. I have no words for my amazing customers who are my amazing friends. Our photos....her this past week, yes she looks a bit different. Us, the day before it happened - one of our happiest days having a great day at a local taphouse. I will always remember this day, I kept saying it was one of our best ever. And lower down, Bailey the day before it happened, her fierce fetch pose waiting for me to throw a rope bone. changes in an instant. Hold close the ones you love, our moments with them are finite. I am grateful beyond infinity to have more moments with my family. And with tears streaming down my face as I write to you, watching her sleep, I gently remind you to hold family and friends near. Don't procrastinate, don't put things off. Be patient, be kind and be available. Always.

For now the sun shines in my heart, I love Bailey in any and every version. It is my great honor to care for her, it is my great honor to be your soap maker. I humbly thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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