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Kim....the story behind the soap

A few days ago a dear friend passed away....yet as sad as I am, I know she isn't suffering any longer. That makes my heart happy, I know it had been a difficult many years for her. She can now be at peace, without fear, without pain.

Kim was an OG at our Red Front Door shows, our greeting card vendor, however she was my neighbor who became an amazing true friend. She was a badass card maker and an incredible human being. She was a mother, she was a wife, she was laughter to the silence, she was life to the party, she was light to the darkness so many times.

She was adventurous and free spirited. She stuck to her guns on what she believed, she said things out of left field that left you rolling with laughter.

Her family has asked for donations to be made to ALS foundations in her memory. So this weekend, at our pop up, we will donate a portion of proceeds to the cause. There will be a jar on the table if you want to just donate directly. For the month of May and June, we will donate a portion of all sales to the ALS foundation here in Arizona. Red Front Door Store has decided from here on out a portion of all sales will be donated in her honor toward ALS research. Currently there is no cure for this disease.

Last year, Kim called me. To say goodbye, while she still could. I will never forget that conversation, we laughed, we cried so much, we said goodbye. We said I love you...............I told her that if she did indeed go first (she laughed) I would name a soap after her. She loved blueberry scented soap, and told me she put it in her drawers so her undies smelled like blueberries.

Many of you knew Kim, many of you did the shows alongside us. Many of you came to open door many customers have become friends. I've decided I'd like to share making this new soap with my family, my Red Front Door family, with my Facebook family, in a Facebook Live. Date and time will be posted this weekend on the FB biz page.

Wherever you are, across the miles, please join me as we create our first batches of Kimberly Blue. A blueberry scented soap created in honor of a true badass in life. oxox

**** (One Valentine's Day season Kim was inundated with hearts and hearts and more hearts....she opted for some cute xoxo card designs. She brought some of them over during an open door coffee time to see what we all thought. Picking one of the cards up, I said "Kim did you realize this is upside down and says oxox?" and the table of women busted out laughing. The "oxox" card became infamous among us and to this day a few of us who where there to see and laugh about the oxox card still sign our texts that way. We remember her, remember her laugh, remember that she was human, we remember that she could turn anything into a positive. She created a legacy with a single card....oxox)****

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