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Repair time

We will be closed Feb 25th-March (hopefully) 10th. These hands are worn out and with a new year ahead we are taking some time for self care...... I'm pretty freaked out but have reached the point that if something isn't done the risk is permanent damage. A friend of mine used that term "self care" and I hadn't heard it before- but I like the idea all the way around. After I'm all healed up yoga will get back into my life too. But first thing first.

Surgery is in just two days- so it's time to close down and prepare. Not sure how recovery will go or how long it'll take. Doc says anywhere from 4-12 weeks but I should be able to ship orders again before that..... will update as we go along! Thank you for your patience during this time, I ask that you support the AMAZING places who carry the Little Cabin line and The Perfect Man Club line. No only are they wicked good shops and breweries, they are owned by friends, real people---when you shop with them a REAL person does a happy dance and you make a difference. Please refer to the list of locations on the "Find Us" page for great places to visit.

I've opted to be awake for the surgery (wow they can do that these days) and I'm pretty spooked by that whole idea. But I figure it's better than the alternative which I initally chose, going under. I get super sick from if I'm spooked either way then it's better to have no anesthesia in my system to recover from on top of the actual surgery. Right??? Let's hope so. Time to put on my big girl pants and a brave face. I didn't put it on the calendar- I figured if I didn't look at it all the time that's better. But it's in my datebook and now with this day it's there- staring at me.

So away we go! All success in life comes with risk right?? Let's hope this is fruitful and massively successful. Thank you thank you for your patience as I recover. I'll see you on the flipside!

I'll plaster it on the homepage, but know that if you order during the CLOSED time, your order won't be filled or shipped until March 10th. If I'm capable sooner you'll be notified. See you on the flipside!

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