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Riding the wave

As we roll through autumn... with the holidays just around the corner, I'm shaking my head wondering where the year went. What a year it's been...what a couple of years it's been. This town had the first snow last week, and back into warmth we go. I really enjoy the changing of the seasons, they symbolize so many things. This year I've heard a lot of people talking about leaves (I learned the term "leaf peeper" and "leaf peeping") and what the changing and falling of leaves symbolizes. The tree let's go of the leaves, knowing that new and different leaves will come next year. Hmmm, I like that.

I've rewritten this twice, it started as an announcement and then I changed my mind and now it's whatever this is. Random thoughts. Sneek peaks. Life. I was suddenly in the mood to do photos for the upcoming Christmas and winter batches. (here are your sneak peek pics). I told myself I wouldn't go nuts this year making too many different batches ... but I did. I figured let's go out with a bang, so there will be a lot to choose from this holiday season!

I've been a soap maker damn near all my life. I've been an official business for 10 years. I thought year 2 was hard, but these past few years have been harder than I could anticipate. I thank you for your support and enthusiasm through the seasons as life changes, soaps change and trends change. I love what I do, and as makers I think we constantly think work. What should I try, what will they want, what don't they like - and occasionally I indeed do make a batch just for me that I love. This year, that batch is called Twilight, it's the pale moss green on the right in the trio photo. It's some of my favorite essential oils blended, and it's amazing.

There is a phrase out there, owning a business, the business owns you type thing. And it is very true. I think about soap... all. the. time. What can I do differently, how can I reach more people, how can I get customers to spread the word. It's grueling, stressful, joyful and rewarding. Scary, unknown, unsteady and unsure. And I have loved every great and every scary moment of this journey. A move is in our very near future, just before the holidays, with half the family we came here with. I hope it is very good for our family, and what Little Cabin Soaps needs. We shall see, only time will tell.

On an ending note.... this is why I shout from the rooftops to support small businesses. Go to your favorite restaurant more than once a year for your anniversary, they can't survive on an annual sale with a 13% profit margin. Buy from your favorite boutique, you put food on the makers table and food on the person who rings up your sale's table. When you shop small you make a HUGE difference. Tell all your friends, post it on your social media, give the gifts with a business card for the shop - tell the companies around you that you know of a great small biz who makes the perfect thing for employee gifts. Or birthday gifts. Give these local things to new neighbors to welcome them and immerse them into their new surroundings. When you shop local small business you do so much more than you know.....

You validate. You prove value. You encourage. You inspire. You feed a soul. You feed a family. Now go be the person who makes the difference.

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