Bright Angel Collection

Bright Angel Collection

Introducing the Bright Angel collection, a grouping of soaps that will be available all year long. As you know, Little Cabin Soaps is a dog pack kind of house, life, way, mindset and love. The pack grew.....and before you know it we had the most incredible group of six. And now, all of those wonderful dogs are the same age (ish) - seniors. It is our honor to love and care for our pack as they enjoy their golden years. We joked about being on the reduction plan, but as our pack becomes smaller, a piece of my heart breaks each time I lose a pack member. From a six pack to four. Currently we hover at four beautiful dogs. 

Soap making is my job, but it is also my passion, my life. When Fella died, I made soap, and soap and soap. It was my place to focus, to feel purpose, to FEEL. From that place, this collection was born. A collection of healing, a collection of memories, a collection of something tangible when my tangible is gone. Truly, from my heart to yours, I give you the Bright Angel Collection.


Monroe, The Bar: Our best selling bar all year long, Monroe.  Lightly sweet with fruity notes including peach, citrus rind and apple. Floral middle notes of lilac, jasmine and rose petals. Rounded out with notes of musk and tamarind - this one of our most alluring fragrances for men and women alike.

Monroe, The Story: A silly and fun Greyhound, Monroe was active and walked several miles a day. She played like no one else and was a sight to behold when she ran. Every day around 5pm she'd start pestering for she got older that became 4:445pm, then 4:30pm. Eventually a little nip in the bum with her front teeth, never a bite, got someone started on making dinner, earlier and earlier. All we could do is laugh. Who trained who?


Fella, The Bar: This bar was created for Christmas one year, but was so intense smelling that it struck a chord, it couldn't be forgotten when the season was over. It was SO good, the best herbal blend we've made, we couldn't stop thinking about it. Thus it became beloved Fella, something we need to have around all year long. To remember him, to bring a smile. Created with five essential oils, it's fresh and herbal, minty with a hint of balsam. Made with French green clay and three forms of avocado.

Fella, The Story: Three years after we lost Monroe, on the very same day (two days after Thanksgiving) we lost Fella. Beloved companion of more than a decade.....fiercely loyal and fiercely loved. Losing him was crushing (we wrote candidly about him in our blog) and life is different without him. Fella was.........a kindred spirit. The bond was a rare one that most people do not experience in their lifetime. We are lucky to have known and loved him, graced with his presence for so many years. We are lost without him.


Lucky, The Bar: A complex earthy bar created with local raw honey. Big notes of supple leather, a hint of vetiver and woodsmoke...softly scented yet richly complex. For those who are on the fence about the deeper scents - this is a perfect one to try.

Lucky, The Story: Having hand surgery allowed your soap maker to continue on - and keep making soap. However to get through recovery I was lucky to have the  help of a good friend, now apprentice. Kim is my right hand woman. We soap weekly together, even though the hand is long healed. When Fella was passing, I texted Kim and she was here at 5am, in the dark. She sat, and stayed with us surrounding Fella with love, with family. Kim IS our family now. And so, when her beautiful boy Lucky passed away suddenly...just a month after Fella, it was...awful. Born from the loss of her dog came the beautiful bar of soap now known as Lucky. These are her words that follow...

"Lucky came to our family from my brother, who lives in Singapore. We only were supposed to have him for the summer but he became a mountain dog quickly and didn’t look back. We had him for 6 years and 7 months. We walked all over Munds Park, Arizona everyday. Everyone in the neighborhood knew and loved Lucky. They carried treats just for him and always got a warm greeting from Lucky in return. He was the most chill Lab I have ever met. All Lucky wanted to do was eat, walk and go to bed (perfect dog). He quickly adapted to mountain life and LOVED the snow. He is greatly missed every single day and never will be forgotten. He is our puppy angel, Lucky Almonzo, best dog in the world."


  • Ingredients

    Monroe: Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Goat Milk, Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Castor Oil, Coconut Milk, Fragrance Oil, Mica, Salt.

    Fella: Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Avocado Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Avocado Butter, Fresh Avocado, Castor Oil. Essential Oils of Spearmint, Rosemary, Juniper, Cypress, Lime. Mint Leaves, French Green Clay.

    Lucky: Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Castor Oil, Fragrance Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, French Black Clay.

    *None remains in finished product