Carrot Patch Facial Bar

Carrot Patch Facial Bar

We've worked to create a bar for every skin type....while we can't (and won't) make any claims - we will tell you what the ingredients are touted to do. Most batches are created without scent so the most sensitive skin can use them. Facial bars are a different shape and size so they fit easily into your hands to lather up, or applied directly to the face.


Carrot Patch: Carrot juice and two simple oils, this clay bar is intentionally made unscented for the most sensitive skin. It's got a nice portion of bentonite clay- known to pull oils from skin. Thus this bar is ideal for oily or combination skin. It'll leave you feeling squeaky clean and can make skin feel tight.

  • Ingredients

    Carrot Patch: Coconut Oil, Carrot Juice, Cocoa Butter, Sodium Hydroxide*, Bentonite Clay.

    *None remains in finished product

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