Candle & Soap Set ~ Comforting Cashmere

Candle & Soap Set ~ Comforting Cashmere

This year we've teamed up with Pink Honey Candle to bring  you the perfect pair - introducing our candle & soap pairing series. This two piece set includes one 16oz limited edition candle and one similarly themed limited edition soap.


Comforting Cashmere features two very different scent profiles for each item, while comforting frangrances exude from both. For those who love citrus in the winter this candle is for you!


Chestnuts & Cashmere Soap: Rich and warmly scented with notes of amber, sandalwood, tonka bean and earth. One of the most complex blends we've ever made... warm chestnuts and vetiver. When you smell this soap there is something familiar you can't quite put your finger on. 


Cashmere and Lace Candle: An alluring blend of dark plum, grapefruit, red currant, geranium and earthy cedar. Deeply rich with a high citrus note yet remaining earthy and warm.

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