Candle & Soap Set ~Cozy, Just Cozy

Candle & Soap Set ~Cozy, Just Cozy

This year we've teamed up with Pink Honey Candle to bring  you the perfect pair - introducing our candle & soap pairing series. This two piece set includes one 16oz limited edition candle and one similarly themed limited edition soap.


Cozy is the feeling we are after this year...curled up with a book in front of the fireplace. Coming back into a warm house after being out in the snow. Familiar things, loved ones and traditions. This bespoke set speaks to all of those things, we hope it warms your heart and holidays.


Cozy Cabin Soap: Created with beer from local Historic Brewing Co here in Flagstaff,AZ. This warm and richly scented beer soap has notes of the woods and warm spices. The right hint of smoke to bring that winter feeling, fireplaces lit and chimneys with smoke rising, to life.


Cozy Cabin Candle: One of the most complex smelling candles of the season... this candle is rich. Warm with sandalwood, cedar and sweet amber. A touch of cinnamon and vetiver, with a subtle bottom note of brown sugar.


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