Candle & Soap Set ~ Fall Harvest

Candle & Soap Set ~ Fall Harvest

This year we've teamed up with Flg Candle Co. to bring  you the perfect pair - introducing our candle & soap pairing series. This two piece set includes one 16oz limited edition candle and one similarly themed limited edition soap.


Torn between the seasons? All of the rich warm aromas mingled with crisp air and fireplaces lit.... we've worked hard to create this set that embodies each season, joining the two. For those with dry chapped skin, this lanolin soap is ideal.


Aspens in Autumn Soap: Our local favorite...our town is known for aspen trees turning to deep gold and rust during the fall season. This unscented batch is created with lanolin, known for it's richness and ability to help skin retain moisture - making it ideal as we shift from autumn to winter. Left unscented for the most sensitive skin yet the rich sweet aroma lanolin naturally possesses comes through softly.


Fall Harvest Candle: Absolutely the best candle we've ever smelled. Medium scent strength with big notes of ripe apples, pumpkin pie, warm spices and oatmeal. A hint of brown sugar and clove round this out to become your new favorite candle.


  • Ingredients

    Soap: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Carrot Juice, Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Lanolin, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Activated Charcoal, Canola Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Vitamin E, Moroccan Red Clay, Calendula.

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