Winter Stone Collection

Winter Stone Collection

This perfect winter time collection includes three stone soaps created just for the season. This is also my favorite product photo of the season! You'll receive one bar each of:


Apple Cinnamon: the scent of Christmas all wrapped into one bar. Notes of crisp winter apples baking in the oven with hints of cinnamon and spice. A hint of buttery pie crust rounds out this bar perfectly. 


Eucalyptus: created with fresh local raw goat milk and essential oil. Raw local honey and French Green Clay set this softly scented bar apart. This eucalyptus leans on the side of green rather than menthol. 


Tea Tree: created with fresh local raw goat milk, French Green Clay and a reishi mushroom tea blend for exfoliation. Tea tree essential oil is fresh and antiseptic, a rather pungent aroma, some might characterize it as medicinal. This is a "must have" essential oil soap for the winter. 


These bars are palm free.

  • Ingredients

    Apple Cinnamon: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Water, Goat Milk, Coconut Milk, Sodium Hydroxide*, Fragrance Oil, Mica.

    Eucalyptus: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Goat Milk, Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Honey, French Green Clay, Mica.

    Tea Tree: Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Goat Milk, Water, Sodium Hydroxide*, French Green Clay, Mushroom Tea Blend.

    *None remains in the finished product