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Meet the Maker

Soap making is as familiar as baking cookies, the answer I give when asked how long I've been making soap. Mom make soap as long as I can remember...her mom made their laundry soap and a few other choice things. But my badass mom took it next level. 

I grew up making "plain" soap, mind you the internet didn't exist yet so we ordered ingredients from catalogs (remember those?) and shopped at our local stores. There were no fancy fragrances, wild colors or crazy shapes back then. We made squares and rectangles, whatever shape came from whatever we could use as a mold. Colors came from petals, clays and natural things we found at "The Hippie Herb Shop".

As the world changed we started to have options. I moved from New Mexico to Arizona but mom still soaped, and eventually soaping became my full time job. We both still make "plain" soap - every time I cut a square bar with no color added and something like poppy seeds or petals in it, I think of mom. It's her style, and it makes my heart smile.

I try to make something for everyone, whether you want au natural with no scent, no color, no nothing - or whether you want your soap to have shimmer and smell like a milkshake. There are no boundaries on making soap but I stick to my ethics, those don't waiver. I won't use preservatives, dyes, lab colors, stabilizers, parabens or sulfates. They simply aren't needed, and sensitive skin doesn't appreciate them. 

I believe unscented soap never has to be boring, essential oils ARE insanely exciting, botanicals are fun to play with and the process of making soap the hard way is worth it. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Why this photo? Because my mom hates it. And THAT makes me laugh.

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