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Feels good to work again

Wow it feels good to be working a bit again...........I'm a transparent person. Business tanked with all of this drama going on, most business owners I know are saying the same thing. I wasn't prepared for how that would wound my heart and crush my soul--- having no purpose, no schedule and no creation each day has taken its toll on me.

I adore my work, clearly. I pour myself in every batch of soap that's made. It's my passion, my creation, my outlet and my first love. To have that snatched away has been terribly difficult financially yes it's been horrid. But emotionally it's been brutal. I didn't realize how much of myself I DO pour into my work. My purpose, my self worth- a lof of that is measured in how busy my soap queue is each week. To go from full steam ahead to nothing has been devastating. My balloon burst. Each day...meh.

I don't care who you buy soap from. I care THAT you buy soap from a small business. I'm trying everything I can think of to come up with "new and exciting" things that folks might want to buy but the bottom line is that I make soap. True soap from scratch. I don't do cupcakes and unicorns because I don't feel right about you having box mix soap on your skin. I don't feel you should have FD&C dyes on your skin. Glitter near your eyes nose and mouth- nope I don't feel good about that either. So I don't do that type of stuff. I'm not here just to sell sell sell to you. I have standards and morals and stick to them. I don't make anything I don't feel good about, I never want to worry when my product ships out. Leave the trendy things for folks trying to make a buck. That ain't me.

Back to the point- I don't care who you buy soap from----please buy from a small local soaper. I talk with Claudia of Cleo Soaps almost daily, as we get through to the other side of this world situation she and I are in constant contact. If you're looking for new soap I highly recommend her. Her soap is as beautiful as her heart and soul. In fact I think if you seek a soap maker, a good one, you'll find that is true. None of us true to our craft crank out high volume just to hit numbers. We do small batches, different things and some of the same old stuff. Because it means something to us. Because it's who we are. Because it's an expression of our feelings, our mood, our lives, our days. When we pour each batch we connect with it. Claudia prays over her batches and I love this idea- I'm doing it. I pray while I work, pray while I cut and label. I pray while I pack the orders....I love this idea. It'll become routine. It helps.

This week Screws & Sparkles sold out of my line and WOW did that feel good. I feel worthy again. Buckeye Stone Soaps sold - the last of them are getting to that shop this week. I've got to make more and I can't tell you what a good feeling that is! THANK YOU for the support and THANK YOU for the work. Buy from someone local every chance you can. You have no idea how worthy that makes them you brighten their day by saying "Yes I feel your product is worth every dime. I love what you do." You give them purpose. You give them value. You keep them going.

Yep I wear my heart on my sleeve. And thanks to all who supported this sale, it means more to me than anyone can ever know. Buy local, shop small. Just do it - what an impact you'll have far beyond just buying soap.

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