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Grateful Grateful Grateful

Huge thanks to all of you who shopped Mother's Day with me! I have no words..... I was floored and shocked by orders coming in for the first part of May. I cried so many tears of joy, ran my bum off packing and shipping and packing and shipping....then cried more and away I went. I prayed over every order. Each box was packed with love, every basket was a joy to make and each bar of soap was lovingly labeled.

Gift baskets are one of my favorite things to make and they're a fun collaboration with other artisans. I make baskets for every occasion all year long. They are a custom order (aka not on the website) so the content can be hand chosen and shipping is appropriate.

Gift baskets feature multiple small business artisans. I try to keep them fresh fun and exciting with an array of different products that change throughout the seasons. From ceramics to candles and sugar scrubs to jam and honey..... I love working with other people. I love bringing new things to YOU that you may not have otherwise discovered. I cherish helping other small businesses grow.

I've been graciously supplied with samples from one of these artisans. You'll be getting samples of sugar scrub and different balms all summer long. This is a great way for all of us to THANK YOU for supporting small business. When you buy from a small business a REAL person does the happy dance. You make someone cry tears of joy and gleefully hop to the post office to ship. You warm someone's heart and validate them- as a person, as a creator and as a business. You make us feel worthy. You make us feel valued. You give us confidence in our product, our mission and our purpose. You GIVE US PURPOSE and a reason.

Stone soaps sold like crazy for Mother's Day - I didn't see that coming. There are no words that convey how thrilled I am to be making stones stones stones, I love love love making rocks!

Thanks to all of you tuning in to my Facebook Lives, it's fun and is connecting. It feels like I'm working with you by my side. I'll continue FB Lives from here on out - if you enjoy them then tune in and I'll know to keep doing them. We will get a schedule going for that, one during the week and one on the weekend.

I could gush for years here.............THANK YOU. Thank you from all of us, from the bottom top and sides of my heart. Thank you from Little Cabin Soaps and all the small potatoes you support. Love love love you all.

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