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September has arrived....

Does it feel like autumn where you are? A few cool mornings was enough to get me into autumn my mind autumn begins Sept. 1st whether Mother Nature agrees or not.

I've gone all out this year for the autumn line. Usually I'm all about Christmas but this year autumn tugged at my heart so I listened, and poured myself into the season. I've partnered with new vendors so you'll find some rad gift boxes featuring pendants and earrings (never done jewelry before). Special sets in seasonal tins are ready to go, with mugs for hot drinks, honey to add to those hot drinks and candles to light the cool evenings (safely! Never leave burning candles unattended!). We have custom handmade fabric autumn baskets to fill with all things fall.

And the soaps................oh the soaps. I had and still have no idea what to expect this season. It's been a hell of a year and I'm grateful to still be in business. Thus all the new ideas, new sets, new collaborations for the season. But the soaps---oh the soaps are incredible this year. Fun scents including Orange Clove and Autumn Woods...everything has been created in very small batches. So if you see something you love, grab it. Most batches have less than 10 available.

If you'd like to see everything we've got in stock come to one of our porch pop-up events, they're held on our front porch the first Saturday of every month. (You'll find the event links on our Facebook page) If you're not local please email/contact us and I'll gladly send over photos of every item we have available. I'm all about local, supporting small business and getting you what YOU want. When you buy a set you support several smalls with one purchase...there is nothing I love more than letting a vendor know they made a sale.

As we roll into fall I thank you, I thank you deeply, humbly, with all of my heart for the support as we go through this wild year. It's been scary, sad and unstable. I've had no idea how to create the seasonal lines this year so I've gone with small batches, limited editions, lots of variety in small numbers. Working together with other artisans to create one of a kind very special collaborations that we have all poured our hearts into.

If you have a request I always welcome custom orders. Guest sized bars are in the works but keep selling out before I can get them on the website. If you're looking for a particular scent, I gladly make custom batches. If you'd like a custom basket or set you don't see on the site please reach out, you know how much I adore making baskets and sets! So many things are in stock- there are too many to list on the website.

We're stocked with handmade items, the artisans have poured themselves into these creations. Each one has a story, is handmade, each is one of a kind. As we enter this seaon our hearts are full of hope - and we will continue to create what we love. Created with passion, love and joy - every piece you get from Little Cabin Soaps, be it soap or otherwise, has been handmade with love. So much love....welcome autumn. We have missed you.

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