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Offering wholesale prices for a limited time

While the world goes crazy...I don't fear the virus as much as I fear for the small businesses taking a massive hit. Forced to close their doors and shift gears...hoping customers come out to support in the face of fear. I think we all fear we won't make it to the flipside of this - so we are doing everything we can from offering pick up and take out to discounts and bulk prices.

Right now we'd like to offer our wholesale price for the Mystery Bar until further notice. We'd like to be here when this all ends....sales have plummeted and our product does not have an indefinite shelf life. Every order will include a free bag of scraps as well.

Help us hang on through this, we all want to see you when things go back to normal --- please remember all of the places who carry our line ARE offering curbside and take out. Some offer delivery---so when you place your order ask them to include a couple bars of soap and you can support two local businesses with one purchase!

As of right now:

Screws & Sparkles offers delivery and pick up (west valley)

Scale & Feather Meadery offers pick up and curbside (west valley)

8-Bit Aleworks offers pick up and curbside (west side)

Scale & Feather is next door to 8-Bit Aleworks so you can grab two orders in one stop!

Historic Brewing offers take out and curbside (Flagstaff)

So please order online from us directly or support one of these mom & pop shops during this upside down time. Small business needs your support now more than ever.

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