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Imperfect Collection

Imperfect Collection

Soap making has been in my family for decades. No matter how experienced you are, or think you are, Mother Nature throws a curveball every so often to keep you on your toes. I went wild the past few years making embeds and working with cute things on top of soap. Turns out...embeds set into a very hard recipe can crack the soap. Why? I have no idea. I've made this recipe for years and years but for whatever reason THIS year...we have snark. The Jetzskis bar doesn't have embeds, it's just cracked for absolutely no reason. All of these bars of soap are perfectly good, clean just as well and smell delightful. You'll receive one bar each of:


Jetzskis ~ Created with nourshing pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin puree and ground walnut shells for exfoliation. Ask me what my favorite bar of soap is- this is it. I like to think these cracked bars are a visual representation of what grief looks like...when Jetzskis died the phrase I used was "my heart is shattered". This soap is a perfect picture of a broken heart, but made in her loving memory with a smile on my face as I think back to our silly times together. Scented boldly (she was a bold dog) with sweet spearmint and earthy patchouli.


Mountain Mint ~ Welp...turns out embeds are picky in soap. Soooo many of the embed soaps for Christmas have cracked! Mountain Mint was the first to display this odd behavior (I've made this recipe for years and years so I have no idea why we have cracks for the first time) with cracking along the embed lines. Scented with bright peppermint and sweet spearmint. Created with aloe vera and mint from the garden, oats for gentle exfoliation and local raw honey.


Snowfall ~ What does snow smell like? I dunno but this is my take on it! My favorite song "Snowfall" by the great Johnny Mathis comes to mind with this bar, hence the name. Lightly scented with notes of sweet spearmint and zesty lime. Silky smooth on the skin, a great bar for facial care and shaving. Adored with snowflakes and festive sprinkles. 

You'll see the cracks along the lines of the embeds in this batch too...hmm maybe it should have been named Snarky Snowflake!

  • Ingredients

    Jetzskis: Coconut Oil, Water, Cocoa Butter, Sodium Hydroxide*, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pumpkin Puree, Essential Oil Blend, Ground Walnut Shells, Mica.

    Mountain Mint: Coconut Oil, Milk, Cocoa Butter, Water, Lye, Essential Oil Blend, Aloe Vera, Oats, Honey, Mint Leaves, Alfalfa.

    Snowfall: Coconut Oil, Water, Cocoa Butter, Sodium Hydroxide*, Essential Oil Blend, Sprinkles.

    *None remains in the finished product 

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