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Soap From Scratch

We make every batch from scratch, no box mixes here. With decades of experience and quality you can trust, Little Cabin Soaps lovingly creates each batch with care, creativity and passion.


Settle in for winter...

 Soap is not only our job, it's our passion and family tradition. Mom made soap (still does in Albuquerque, New Mexico) all growing's as familiar as baking cookies.

Soap making is near and dear to our hearts- we hope you feel the love and care put into each bar you use. 

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Created From Scratch

Be kind to your soap- it will be kind to you.

Natural soaps can last months with proper care. Keep your bar dry between showers; use a shower caddy or soap dish with raised areas to keep the bar dry between uses.

If you'd like to shop in person please visit our Facebook page, click on events to find dates for our series of porch pop ups. First Saturdays we open our doors for in person shopping from 10am-Noon. More than soap, we fill the tables with the wares of the amazing artisans we partner with.

We are working hard to launch -a gathering of handmade artisans in one place. Lovingly crafted items made by real people. Run by real people. Until we launch that, you'll find several collabs on our website here. If you'd like the full inventory list, we are happy to send that! Items include soaps, candles, ceramics including mugs and soap dishes, scarves, mug rugs, table runners, jams, honey, jellies, and more.



We’d love to hear from you! Full inventory list available upon request. (We've always got WAY more in stock than you see here!) Custom orders welcome.


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